Managing Partner

Ryan Collins

"Building trust is key."

What strengths do you bring to the companies you partner with?

I have a pretty broad set of experiences as both an operator and investor, in Europe and Asia. I’ve worked on deals from seed to IPO and secondary placements, all the way back down to distressed assets (thankfully not the same companies!). On the operating side, I have worked across strategy, product, business development and fundraising. Hopefully the combination of these experiences and the corresponding network is useful to the founders who choose MMV as their investor and partner.

Do you have any tips or advice for founders who are looking to raise capital from MMV?

I can only speak for my personal preference, but be honest in the first meeting and don’t oversell the current state of things like commercial engagements. The reality always comes out in due diligence later on anyway. I’d much rather hear that it’s all POCs or pilots up front – building trust is key.

Which investment categories excite you most and why?

In terms of sector, I would say healthtech. Simply for the most meaningful positive impact on people’s lives - especially in developing countries where access to quality healthcare is often difficult and technology is helping to bridge the gap.

As a technology, it would be AI/ML. The rapid maturation of software tools for AI/ML systems, combined with the increased power and data efficiency of the newer ML techniques, is unlocking many exciting use cases across sectors.

It’s a Saturday afternoon, where can we find you and what are you up to?

I have a three-year-old son and a six-month-old daughter – so most likely I am playing with them in the pool, on a bike ride, at football/rugby practice, or providing some other form of entertainment!

In another life, if you weren’t in venture capital, what would you be?

Surfer and/or chef. I’m not very good at surfing, but I love being in the water and wish I could do it more often. I also love to cook (and eat).


Ryan is Managing Partner, Europe & Asia-Pacific (APAC) at MassMutual Ventures. He joined the team in 2018, first establishing the firm’s presence in Asia, and then in Europe. He has 20 years of experience as an investor, operator and board member, working with companies from seed to IPO and beyond.

Ryan started his career in public markets. He was formerly an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, and a Principal at a multi-strategy hedge fund. As an operator, Ryan has worked across strategy, product, business development, international expansion and fundraising.

Ryan holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Psychology.

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