Cybersecurity is now a critical enabler for most businesses to continue operating, and is acknowledged as one of the top risks facing companies of all sizes. This should come as no surprise. As companies strategically invest in technology to drive growth and improve efficiency, they face an expanding number of risks, enhanced data privacy requirements, and the increasing size and frequency of cyberattacks means companies must commensurately spend on cybersecurity to protect their expected return on technology investment. While it’s traditionally been viewed as a technical issue, the growing pace and sophistication of attacks, coupled with an ever-expanding attack surface stemming from the trifecta of digital engagement, cloud migration, and remote work, has elevated cyber risk from a technology concern to an organization-wide obstacle. This has business leaders focusing on their ability to accurately quantify and prioritize cyber risks within the context of their individual business.

Join Samantha Santaniello, MMV’s Head of Platform, along with Nick Sanna, CEO of RiskLens, Chris Smith, Cyber Security Director at MassMutual, and Greg Rothauser, Senior Risk Quantification Analyst at Highmark Health, as they discuss the FAIR Framework, how stakeholders can quantify cyber risk and take the guesswork out of cyber-related business decisions, and how to prioritize projects with varying levels of risk and budgets.